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Fierce Festival: Veer // Eitan Buchalter: public intervention Sat 5th March 11.30am

A Fierce Festival Trailblazer co-produced with Vivid
Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham B9 4AR, from 11.30am – 3.30pm, Saturday 5th March 2011

Artist, Eitan Buchalter will make a public intervention amid the flow of pedestrian traffic on Saturday 5th March 2011 in advance of the local derby between Birmingham City FC and West Bromwich Albion on Heath Mill Lane in Birmingham’s Eastside. The precise nature of the work will only be revealed on the day. Buchalter will be expanding on his current body of work exploring how we flow through and interact with public spaces and what happens when aspects of our environment are disrupted. (

Veer will be broadcast live online at from 11.30am Saturday 5th March 2011. Alternatively, you can engage with the work in person by walking along Heath Mill Lane from 11:30 on 5th March.

Eitan Buhcalter is an In Association With … artist at VIVID and a Fierce Festival 2011 artist. His interest in the site originates from his participation in the VIVID curated Endurance festival in 2008. Buchalter graduated from Ruskin School of Art in 2002 and has recently shown work in Tate Modern, Conveyor (2009), Warwick Arts Centre, Mead Gallery, Crossing, (2010). Eitan Buchalter will feature in the forthcoming Fierce Festival 22nd – 27th March with a talk, workshop and intervention.

This project is supported by ACE and co-produced by Vivid and Fierce.

Fierce Festival: Hello….Hello…Hello. Introduction to plan b.

Good to meet you all!  I have recently joined Team Fierce as Production Assistant and this piece offers an insight into what happened during my first week when I got to meet plan b.

‘plan b is about you and me’
Great to finally meet you…… I sit with plan b either side of the table.
We discuss the present, the reality, the now, ‘a day in the life’.
Plan b, led by artists Daniel Belasco Rogers and Sophia New are creating an installation entitled ‘a day in the life’.  Using GPS technology the project shall record and respond to the user’s movements throughout the city of Birmingham.  This project invites participation, an opportunity to understand and reflect on your walks through the city by translating the recorded GPS traces into a visual living piece.  Our journeys remain invisible.  How well can we visually identify our own traces?  These journeys shall be made tangible to substantiate the evidence of ‘being there’ to contextualise our movements.  Curiosity shall remain as to whether these journeys are random, spontaneous or part of a structured routine.  The project invites us to interpret our intentional or subconscious decisions from a differing perspective.
Take the opportunity to contribute to the project by collecting a GPS from mac and recording you own movements.  We are particularly interested to involve people who undertake journeys on foot that are part of a daily routine or profession.  Does anyone have a particularly good relationship with their postman who would be prepared to take part…?  If so please get in touch!  Please see or for more info.
This is plan b…

Graeme Rose's Blog: keep right on

Perpetual underdogs, also-rans, poor relations or (at best) runners-up; Birmingham City have WON… yes WON, the Carling Cup Final 2011. They stuck it up the artful Arsenal with a fantastically spirited and tenacious display which was thrilling to watch. Victory will take some getting used to, mind you. So unusual is it that I suspect it heralds no less than a cultural shift, as it leaves me wondering to what extent my own psyche has been infected by the limited expectations that being a Blues fan has instilled.

For some reason today felt different. I didn’t doubt they could do it, against all the odds. So here’s to the power of belief; and to a new era of winning.

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Site Up and Walking


It may be a while since you tried clicking any of the buttons on this page. “What is there fresh to see” you may think. Well “loads” is now the answer. Our excellent friends and collaborators at F22 Design have delivered the basis of a new look website. The thing is a behemoth so we’re going to be ‘rolling out’ the revamp over the next decade or so but now is a chance to see the way things are going.

Further down the page you will see that this blog can now be searched for content that particularly interests you – there are no mentions of Bananas (until now) but four of Sausages (now five). Also, for this is 2011 and we are resolutely behind the curve on these things, there can now be found a link to a Stan Facebook thing. Nosebleed!

Off Stage & On-line: Off Stage & On-line 2011-02-25 10:55:50

Another enjoyable day’s work on The Rivals, followed by the first night of Hamlet, which Northern Broadsides have rehearsed at the our place. Our resident designer’s designed the set and costumes, and our workshops have made them, with al other departments contributing in various ways. We always enjoy our collaborations with Broadsides, and this is no exception. To top it all, it’s a terrific show – full of surprises and delights; the wonderful music we’ve come to expect from director Conrad Nelson; an illuminating and vibrant interpretation of the text, and, among many excellent performances including a surprisingly effective sympathetic Claudius, a central performance of great charm and energy. When most of the principals lie dying at the end, I felt genuinely moved on their behalf. But also I’d laughed louder and more often than I ever dreamed of laughing at Hamlet.

Women & Theatre: International Women’s Day

Women & Theatre celebrate International Women’s Day 2011

Cervical Monologues1

Friday 11th March at 3pm
Lecture Theatre, Uffculme Centre

Join us for a special International Women’s Day event, where we revisit some of our most well loved work.  Women & Theatre members Janice Connolly and Terina Talbot will perform alongside staff and service users of Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, to present extracts from The Cervical Monologues. A popular play that takes a holistic look at ‘the whole woman’; touching on love, sexuality, sexuality, relationships, body images and our general lives.

This will be an uplifting, celebratory event marking the power of the female voice and the importance of talking honestly about the things that matter, approaches that have stood Women & Theatre in good stead over the years.

Light refreshments will be provided.

For more information, contact

If you would like to learn more about International Women’s Day, head over to

Other events happening across Birmingham include:

5th March 2011:

  • “Celebrating the Past, Planning our Future”
    Mayfield School.
    Heathfield Road, Handsworth, Birmingham , B19 1HJ
    10am – 1pm

    International Women’s Day takes place in March, each year and is celebrated around the world to mark women’s struggle for equal rights, justice, peace and progress. The theme for the International Women’s Day event is Celebrating the Past, Planning our Future. The event will celebrate the 100th celebration of the International Women’s Day by promoting different services and products for women and their families with a variety of stalls and activities.   We will also provide pampering sessions for the women such as nail art, massages, etc.   If you would like to attend with a free stall, or if there is a group / organisation that you feel could attend with a stall, please feel free to inform them of the event and pass on their details to

8th March 2011:

  • “Come join us for a day of fun and pampering.”
    Balsall Heath Church Centre
    100 Mary Street, Balsall Heath, B12 9JU
    10:00am til 2:00pm
    Including guest speakers, awards to community women, stalls, free hot lunch, entertainment, Mehndi and lots more. Creche also available (booked in advance only)
  • Majils – Women Unplugged
    6pm – 9pm, £2 entry on the door
    Coffee Lounge, 10/11 Navigation Street, B’ham City Centre
    An open mic night, showcasing an eclectic mix of   women performers from across Birmingham, in celebration of International Women’s Day. A unique gathering of women with a shared passion for the arts, poetry, writing & music.  Whether you want to spin us a yarn, spit your bars, hit us with your punch line, wax us lyrical with your prowess, or simply sway us with your sultry sounds…Majlis is the place for you. Join us for a great night – all women welcome!

10th March 2011:

  • Women’s Voices Against Global Poverty
    18:00 – 21:00
    West Midlands Fire Service HQ Vauxhall Rd, Nechells, Birmingham, B7 4HW
    Jubilee Debt Campaign Multifaith Project (JDC)
    Leading women from the different faith groups in the West Midlands will be taking part in fast moving entertainment, story telling, music, to raise awareness on the subject of Global Poverty. Keynote speaker: Shabana Mahmood MP.

31st March 2011:

  • Still… No Limits (£5 / £3)
    7:30pm @ The Drum
    An emotionally charged evening of dance and song, which embraces the challenges and aspirations women are experiencing as mothers, leaders, sisters and friends. The event marks International Women’s Day (IWD).