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Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Thank You


Thank you for everyone who listened in to Tuning Out To Radio Z last night and to our volunteer sleepers Roger and Andrea as well as Ester, who helped us make the show originally and was at the conference so stepped in to help me deal with incoming text messages.

Our installation Of All The Creatures Across The Globe remains at Warwick University as part of the IFTR conference until Friday afternoon – please ignore the conference literature that says you have to book time slots, this turns out not to be the case.

The original Of All The People In All The World continues at St. Martin’s Parish Centre in Worcester until Friday at 5pm.

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Radio Z Returns


On Friday things weren’t going so well with our efforts to revive Tuning Out With Radio Z, we’d forgotten quite how complicated it all is – despite being an improvised show.

However a bit of hard work, head scratching and intervention of Mr Jon Ward mean things are looking much better now. Add the return of special guest star Amanda Hadingue to the fold and things have suddenly become very exciting.


Today we had an hour long run at the thing. It didn’t take long to knock the cobwebs off and I really enjoyed this snatch of show. Our main concern now is that this is to be a two hour version of the show, compressing the rhythm down from three hours feels like the big challenge.

Please join us if you can. Return to this website 19:45 tomorrow TUESDAY and listen in online and help us write the show via

The Official Birmingham Hippodrome Blog: Breathing life into ice…

Deep in the heart of Birmingham’s Southside district, hidden in an old warehouse behind a public house something extraordinary is taking place… Every day teams of volunteers arrive at the warehouse to assist in the creation of a poignant spectacle set to take to the steps of Birmingham’s Chamberlain Square on 2 August presented by […]

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Animal Set Up


Whilst Craig and Jack researched human statistics for Of All The People In All The World in St. Martin’s Church, Worcester – which opens on Monday. I saw to various jobs around the office and beyond before zipping over to the University of Warwick to complete the installation of statistics for Of All The Creatures Across The Globe. After eleven years dealing exclusively with white rice it is a great joy to be parlaying with pepper corns and pumpkin seeds, black sesame and almonds, chick peas and mung beans, red lentils and sago.

It was Shady Brady weather but a supply of cool water kept coming and a gang of assistants helped speed things along. The boxes are looking good in the meanders and responses from bystanders seemed very strong, so hopefully a lot of people will get to enjoy the piece and hopefully we will get some more life from what has been a logistics heavy project.

Graeme Rose's Blog: Kickstarting the KILN in Edinburgh

KILN are taking a trilogy of epic shows to Edinburgh this year, but need a little helping fuelling the fire. Can you help? Take a look at these demonstration videos which give tantalising glimpses into the technology behind the work.

1. Olivia does Makey Makey

2. Olivia und der blaukopf

3. Sam introduces the instruments

and here is the Kickstarter page for KILN ensemble’s ‘Made In Birmingham’ campaign;

KILN ensemble will be performing all three shows, A Journey Round My Skull, Lady Gogo Goch and The Furies at the Summerhall Venue, Edinburgh.

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Diamond Scales


The notion of doing an animal version of Of All The People In All The World has been an intriguing idea floating around for a few years. A few months ago Professor Baz Kershaw approached us with an opportunity to deploy the idea. He planned to create three ‘Meadow Meanders’ for a big international theatre conference at Warwick University and invited us to contribute animal statistics to his walks. The opportunity seemed too fun to turn down.

The premise is identical to Of All The People In All The World one of something represents one of something else. 1 grain of white rice still = 1 human but now 1 pepper corn = 1 mountain gorilla and 1 red lentil = locust Etc.

In 2003 trying to establish the average weight of a grain of rice armed only with a set of kitchen scales and a bag or rice was a pain and not a pain I was prepared to go through with 20 different food stuffs. Now, however, we are based in the Jewellery Quarter borrowing a set of diamond scales is as easy as knocking on your neighbour’s door. Our neighbours were embarrassed that their most precises scales were unavailable but with those 10 times less accurate our man Phil ‘Precision’ Holyman was able to compare the weights of individual brown mustard seeds (Wildebeests). His greatest revelation was that 100s and 1000s (one for each known species in the world’s oceans) may be so called because of the great variation in their weights (for those thinking the obvious question – no, there appears to be no correlation between colour and weight of the 100 or 1000).

Today we attempted to set up all our beautiful boxes on site but were thwarted by a lack of the posts we had been promised, so we did everything we could to prepare and some time tomorrow I’m going to have to return to add all the foodstuffs. Thereafter Of All The Creatures Across The Globe is open to the public until 1st August.

Fierce Festival: 100 Swimmers in Moseley! Were you there?

 Fierce aren’t the only organisation to be using the baths as a site of inspiration!

We have had Laura Delaney and Lisa Stewart, two Australian artists on a residency in Moseley using the area and the Edwardian baths for the last week.

Then this event happened on Sunday…

An event organised by Some Cities-a city-wide social project inviting photographers of all abilities to share their images of Birmingham with the world.

See below for information from their press release:

Over 100 swimmers from across the UK took part in a one-off photo event earlier today (Sunday 20 July), aimed at highlighting the plight of one of the Birmingham’s most important community buildings.

The 100 Swimmers, a project by photographer Attilio Fiumarella, saw the empty Gala Pool at Moseley Road Baths in Balsall Heath filled with swimmers, photography fans, city heritage enthusiasts and community supporters; a reaction to the news that Birmingham City Council intends to close the historic building permanently in 2015.

A final powerful and thought-provoking image emulating the famous Terracotta Army sculpture of Ancient China was captured, also completing a community photographic project entitled The Swimmers on show at the Old Print Works in Birmingham until Wednesday 23 July 2014.

Attilio Fiumarella is a recipient of the first Some Cities bursary scheme. He has been working to document the under-threat Grade-II Moseley Road Baths building over the past few months.


Fierce Festival: SOUNDkitchen Series 2014 #02

We’re excited about this coming up on Friday!

Check it out:

SOUNDkitchen Series 2014 #02

SOUNDkitchen’s 2014 series contnues on

Friday 25 July at Vivid Projects, Birmingham


Friday 25 July, 2014

Doors open 7.30pm, Performance 8.00pm

Vivid Projects, 16 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5RS

Bringing audiences an eclectic line up of composers, sound artists and performers. For the second of SOUNDkitchen’s ‘New Collaborations’, composers Monty Adkins and Martin Clarke join forces to bring us a unique performance combining abstract spaces and environmental sound.

SOUNDkitchen are showcasing emerging artists from the Midlands throughout the series and are delighted to be presenting digital media artist Alan Brooker. Also on the bill is Australian sound artist Robert Curgenven and Greek composer Kostis Kilymis. This series is presented with support from the Sound and Music Composer-Curator programme.

Tickets £5 available from hXp://



For the second in our New Collaborations project we bring together composers Monty Adkins and Martin Clarke. Adkins’ work is characterised by slow shi`ing organic instrumental and concrete soundscapes. His work focuses on encouraging a deeper immersive listening experience and his new works draw together elements from ambient, minimal electronica, acousmatic and experimental electronic music. Clarke is a sound artist, recordist and filmmaker. His work makes extensive use of environmental sound and video material to create layered, abstract, formal spaces which are o`en representational in appearance. For this collaboration, Clarke will be performing with environmental sound and Adkins will be performing a set of abstract and ambient materials.


Robert Curgenven is a composer/sound artist drawing on the physicality of sound – not just the physical impact on the body but the way in which the auditory can shape our percep<on of space and the flow of time, from architectural to open space. His works span pipe organ through to feedback, immersive resonances via turntables and custom-made vinyl, as well as carefully detailed field recordings from remote areas in Australia where he lived for many years. The Wire surmises that “behind the music—to these ears at any rate—lurk such [disparate] presences as Alvin Lucier, King Tubby, Murray Schafer and Eliane Radigue.”


Kilymis works on audio feedback systems and re-presentation. His practice touches upon music, performance, installation work and video – developed using a mixture of electronic and acoustic approaches. He has collaborated with musicians such as Lucio Capece, Nikos Veliotis, Leif Elggren, Phil Julian, Sarah Hughes and Patrick Farmer. He also runs the Organized Music from Thessaloniki music label.

For his performance at SOUNDkitchen he will be performing a set using field-recordings, electronics and live feedback manipulations.


Alan is a digital media artist with a background in Vjing, glitch aesthetics and creative coding. His work investigates live sounds and visuals gleaned from unusual sources both digital and physical, from the sonification of computer source code, electrical magnetic interference and use of forgotten technology. With Birmingham based Audio/Visual collective FreeCode, Alan has performed at the Fierce, Superbyte and Network Music Festivals.

During his performance at SOUNDkitchen, Alan will create a collage of mangled cassette tape ambience, pulsating tones controlled by water purity sensors and live coded bleeps and beeps.

The Official Birmingham Hippodrome Blog: In rehearsal with SHREK The Musical…

A host of fairytale characters are coming to life in a secret rehearsal room not so far, far away… The big, bright and beautiful UK tour of Shrek – the Musical opens tomorrow night in Leeds, and we thought we would bring you a sneaky few shots from the rehearsal room ahead of opening night… […]