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Women and Theatre: Hidden Harm : Research participants wanted

Hidden Harm2We are working with the Office of Public Health at Dudley MBC to carry out research about self harm. Our research process involves talking to and receiving emails from a wide range of people about their experiences and understanding of self harm. Our research will be collated into simple monologues where no individual is identifiable. These monologues will form part of an awareness-raising theatre programme and a policy resource for professionals.

We would like to hear from people living and working in the borough of Dudley who have experiences or opinions relevant to our research, including those who have self harmed, friends, family members, health professionals, and members of the wider community.

For more information, or to email any experiences you wish to share, please contact Jess Pearson on 0121 449 7117 or jesspearson@womenandtheatre.co.uk

The Other Way Works: Our Kickstarter campaign to support our 2015 tour of Black Tonic is LIVE!

Our hotel-based interactive thriller Black Tonic is coming back for 2015. And our Kickstarter campaign to support the tour is now LIVE!


Black Tonic is a theatre adventure in the bedrooms and corridors of a hotel for 4 people at a time, Black Tonic explores the chaos caused by a disrupted body clock.

We have already raised 95% of the money we need to tour Black Tonic in 2015. We are launching this Kickstarter campaign to raise the final £3,000.

We’ve created some beautiful hotel-themed rewards, to thank you for backing this project. The Tea Towel, Limited Edition Framed Print, Card 3D Model Hotel Kit, and Do Not Disturb Door Hanger, all feature original hand-drawn illustrations created just for this Kickstarter.

Other rewards include: priority booking, a signed copy of the script, a pair of tickets to see Black Tonic, having a name of your choice featured in the show, a hotel mini-break, and privileged access to the creative process.

We’re really excited about bringing Black Tonic back for more people to enjoy. We want you to be a part of making that happen.

Make your pledge today!


The Official Birmingham Hippodrome Blog: Behind the scenes with Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Wigs Department

In the studios of Birmingham Royal Ballet, seven ballerinas are getting to know the stunt double that they will all be working with for this month’s performances in Birmingham.  She’s made of plaster, weighs a ton, and can’t stand up on her own. Happily, the dancers don’t mind the comparison. The doppelganger is needed for […]

The Official Birmingham Hippodrome Blog: Oh what a beautiful Morning! – Oklahoma! rehearsals

The press team recently went to London  for  a sneak preview of rehearsals for the forthcoming revival of the feel good musical Oklahoma!  the very first musical written by the team of Rodgers and Hammerstein. This new production is produced by Music and Lyrics and stars Belinda Lang, Ashley Day and Gary Wilmot who returns to […]

Women and Theatre: Women’s Work: Project update

Resized Women Work

Archive Image of Female Factory Workers from the BSA.

We’re very pleased at how our ‘Women’s Work’ project is developing and we thought we’d share some of the progress of the project so far. We’ve had some brilliant research sessions including a trip to the Library of Birmingham’s archive. We’ve also been privileged to hear the stories of locals and their descendants. In our first session we heard from New Zealand born Juliet Fletcher whose mother worked in a munitions factory in Longbridge and had a fascinating story to tell….

“My grandmother came over to this country from New Zealand. She wanted to come to help fight in the war. Her ambition was to be an ambulance driver but she was very small in stature and build and she realised she probably wouldn’t be heavy enough. When going for selection she put on her thick winter coat and her thick shoes hoping that would get her through. Unfortunately they realised she wasn’t as heavy as she said she wasn’t able to be an ambulance driver. She ended up working in the munitions factory in Longbridge.”

Juliet Fletcher 

We are documenting every stage of the project on the Womens Work Blog page. For more information on the project and to find out about upcoming performances have a look at the Woman’s Work Project Page.

Blog Image

 Director Terina Talbot with project team.

Women and Theatre: 1 word to explain why I love W&T: Ali Belbin


To celebrate the launch of our new site we’re asking some of the people who’ve played a huge part in the work we do to speak about one aspect of the company they most admire.

Ali Belbin has worked with W&T for over 15 years as a director, writer, actor and workshop facilitator. Ali has also worked for numerous other organisations that include Birmingham Repertory Theatre, The Hearth Centre, Foursight Theatre, Something & Nothing and the BBC. Ali has chosen the word ‘Conversation’ to represent the work we do and here’s a few words on why she chose it:

“I’ve always loved the conversations that happen at W&T about the work being created as well as what’s going on in our lives and how both things feed each other. Then there’s the conversations we have when creating theatre and drama, which lead to the work being layered, deep, funny, sensitive, wise and help us to deliver it with awareness. The performances and workshops themselves lead to important conversations in the settings we work in whether that’s a theatre, a community setting or a residential one.

Conversations lead to understanding and change, which for me, are at the centre of this kind of work. The measure of good theatre is whether it can have a lasting effect on it’s audience which hopefully will lead to conversations afterwards. Its only when people start to talk sharing ideas and experiences that real change and understanding can happen.”

Ali Belbin, February 2015

We’ll be featuring more of the lovely folk who help make our projects great over the next few weeks. Watch this space and tweet #W&T

Women and Theatre: Taking Care of Helen, Juniper Centre Performance


Women & Theatre has enjoyed a successful week of touring its new forum theatre production ‘Taking Care of Helen’ to 5 Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust settings.

Researched with professionals and carers, the piece presents the scenario of Helen – a patient suffering from dementia – being received into an in-patient setting having previously been cared for at home. The miscommunication that arises between her carer and lead nurse forms the basis of the production – which was performed by Emmi Isham and Peter Wynne Willson and facilitated by Janice Connolly.

After watching conflicts unfold, audiences were asked to give their opinions on how problems could have been avoided and the best ways of resolving the situation moving forward. Audience members responded really well; they genuinely engaged in the drama and spoke honestly about their experiences.

Commissioned by BSMHFT Older People’s Service, ‘Taking Care of Helen’ was performed 10 times reaching 250 audience members including health professionals, service users and carers.

Here’s a few of our best photos from The Juniper Centre…




The Official Birmingham Hippodrome Blog: See more spectacular shows at Birmingham Hippodrome with our ENCORE deal

Want to save money on tickets?  Our new ENCORE deal does just that when you book two or more of the following shows – the multi award winning Top Hat; the brilliant interactive children’s show Dinosaur Zoo; the breathtaking Cirkopolis fusing , circus, acrobatics and theatre and Beautiful Thing, a glorious urban love story in […]

The Official Birmingham Hippodrome Blog: Birmingham Hippodrome Friends enjoy tea with our panto stars!

Many of our supportive Hippodrome Friends enjoyed an afternoon of fun recently when stars of the spectacular pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk met up with them for tea and cake in our foyer area. The cast signed programmes, posed for pictures and chatted to them about the show. We had some great comments on Twitter: @ablegirl  Had […]