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Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Creative Learning Recruitment


With a busy term of work planned for summer 2018 we are recruiting five part-time freelance Creative Learning Associates to deliver a range of exciting projects in primary and secondary schools. We are looking for a variety of practitioners with specialisms including maths, drama, costume making and poetry and makers/sculptors.

To find our more about these roles and the particular projects please download the Creative Learning Associate Summer Call Out information sheet HERE.

To apply please send a C.V. and a covering letter explaining your interest in and suitability for the role(s), to our Creative Learning Producer – Lucy Nicholls, via email: lucy@stanscafe.co.uk.

Please also complete and send the equal opportunities monitoring form available HERE on our website.

The closing date for applications is Thursday 5th April, 6pm. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to attend a workshop on Monday 16th April.

You can discover more about the history and range of our Creative Learning work by visiting the Education and Training section of our website HERE

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Job Opportunity Project Manager

It’s almost a secret but for nearly a year we’ve been running twin after-school Drama Clubs in East Birmingham, one in Saltley Academy and one in Washwood Heath Academy. Last summer they came together to perform Us and Them by David Campton.

This year Drama Club will be devising its own original production, plus there will be a stand-alone Easter Holiday Drama Week also in East Birmingham. We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic freelance Project Manager to logistically deliver the twin Drama Club production and the Easter holiday drama week.

Drama Club is part of a wider audience development project Stan’s Cafe is undertaking in Washwood Heath and offers the opportunity to be part of a creative and inspirational project for young people in the area.

Find out more and download the job description here. Applications close on Monday 22nd January 5pm and interviews will be held on Wednesday 31st January for shortlisted candidates.

Please submit a CV, plus a completed equal opportunities monitoring form and covering letter explaining why you’re suitable for the role to lucy@stanscafe.co.uk.

Stan’s Cafe Theatre Company: Life changing opportunity?

You don’t have to dig very far into the history of Stan’s Cafe to find an acknowledgement of the influence of the artist/director Robert Wilson. A BBC Arena documentary showing clips of Wilson’s early works was an early inspiration and Stefan Brecht’s book about this work ‘Theatre of Visions‘ added to the mystique.

Since then Wilson has worked prolifically in opera, theatre and installations and set up what looks like a remarkable performance center (they say Center we say Centre – let’s call the whole thing…) in upstate New York dedicated to making new art. The Watermill Center has just opened applications for it’s annual Summer Program which, if you are a young artist working in almost any field, I insist you look at carefully as it represents an absolutely extraordinary opportunity. You work for a month in the summer with artists from around the world, there are lectures and workshops and practical opportunities galore – you need to pay for your travel there and back but the residency itself is free and accommodation and food are both provided free as well. The competition to get a place must be very fierce but who knows… someone must get on… in fact +80 someones get on each year, why not you?

What an experience it would be, honestly it would change your life – Watermill Center Summer Program

Stan’s Cafe Theatre Company: Open Space Coming Soon

How often do you hear about something that sounds stupid or ridiculous, you write it off as such and then, at some future date, perhaps not so far in the future, you find yourself proved utterly wrong. In my case the answer is ‘far too often’ and Open Space ‘conferences’ is a case in point.

If you are fully up on Open Space you can skip to the penultimate paragraph of this post in which I write “It feels too long since the last one which is why Stan’s Cafe have teamed up with mac Birmingham to invited anyone involved in theatre in the region who wishes to attend to join us at mac on 8th November to help answer or at least respond to the challenge How Do We Help Theatre To Thrive Here And Now?

Everyone else stick with me and please read on…

Open Space conferences sound stupid AND ridiculous. They start with no agenda, have no pre-booked speakers, no key-note speech, no panel discussions, no break out sessions, no power-point presentations. Hold on though, there’s the clue, when did you last enjoy a gripping ‘power-point presentation’ or for that matter when were panel discussions anything other than ploddingly awkward for everyone involved?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a conference when you can set the agenda yourself when you turn up, where you can address exactly what you feel needs to be addressed and address it for as long as you want with people who absolutely want to address that exact same issue as you? Well, that’s what Open Space provides. Officially it’s Open Space Technology but I think the use of the word Technology is misleading and encouraged me to think it was a stupid and ridiculous idea back in the days when I did. They’re not ‘conferences’ either but let’s get on with the story.

The story I’ve heard about the origins of Open Space differs from that on Wikipedia but it’s better so it’s the one I choose to believe and retell. Harrison Owen was asked to organise a management conference in the USA. He spent a year pulling it all together, afterwards everyone said it was great, but on close reflection he realised people weren’t praising any of the official program he had so painstakingly put together at great expense, it was to say how great the coffee breaks and social activities were. People got more out of talking to each other on their own terms than following his classic structured Conference Agenda approach. So, chastened but inspired he set about inventing a non-conference that was effectively all social activity.

My first encounter with Open Space was when Arts Council England convened one at The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham. I attended grudgingly in order to appear to be showing willing (politics) and to see if any of my friends were there. I expected it to be rubbish – because that’s the kind of open minded, optimistic and non-reactionary liberal kind of person I am.

As it turned out the curmudgeon was bludgeoned, I enjoyed it. The rules are that if you get grumpy you HAVE to leave a discussion and find somewhere else where you’re happy, chatting to someone at the refreshment table is a legitimate activity even when discussions are raging elsewhere. The glorious thing is that because everyone has the opportunity to talk about what they want to talk about no-one can legitimately be grumpy, if what they want to talk about isn’t being talked about it’s their own fault, they should be talking about it!

And if this all sounds like a happy-clappy, woolly, fluffy ineffectual talking shop then you’re wrong. That first West Midlands Theatre Open Space event (in 2010?) led directly to numerous new collaborations, including the birth of the BE Festival, equipment storage got shared, an audience development initiative started and generally together we gained a greater sense of cohesion and empowerment.

There have been maybe three subsequent successor events each well worthwhile. It feels too long since the last one which is why Stan’s Cafe have teamed up with mac Birmingham to invited anyone involved in theatre in the region who wishes to attend to join us at mac on 8th November to help answer or at least respond to the challenge How Do We Help Theatre To Thrive Here And Now?

We will all be guided and encouraged through the day by theatre’s and our great friend Nick Sweeting – we will delighted if you choose to join us so we don’t have to eat all the biscuits. Thank you.

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Doctor compose yourself


When Birmingham Conservatoire approached us about hosting a PhD studentship we considered some obvious options, retrospective surveys, philosophical reflections, contextual and comparative studies but ultimately composers want to compose and we want to both avoid the obvious and collaborate on making exciting new art. So a new plan has been hatched.

We are collaborating with Birmingham City University offering a PhD studentship to spend an extended period of up to three years as Composer in Residence at Stan’s Cafe. The plan is for this artist to become part of the team exploring how they can ‘add value’ in unexpected new ways. This figure won’t replace our existing musical collaborators composing music for shows, but prompt new interventions in unexpected corners of the company, to work with us innovating and exploring. It’s open ended and we’re very exited about the possibilities, we hope some exciting and talented composers apply.

Here’s where the official details and application are.

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Artist/Designer Call Out


We are looking for an Artist/Designer to design and create an image for the main entrance doors to Stan’s Cafe’s performance space @AE Harris. At the moment the doors are looking rather tired and battered and we want to transform them into a distinctive and welcoming entrance.

You can download an ARTIST BRIEF which gives more details and contains images and dimensions.

To apply please send your full colour design in a digital or scanned format along with a brief CV or biog. We’d be grateful if you could also download and complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

Please submit to Laura Killeen, General Manager, at laura@stanscafe.co.uk by 10am on Monday 15 May. You can also contact Laura if you have any further questions.

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Artist Opportunities


We have an exciting summer term of Creative Learning projects in schools and we are looking to collaborate with new Associate Artists in a couple of them so the call is out for a Carnival / Visual Artist and a Film Maker / Video Artist, if you are or know one of these, please read on.

Carnival / Visual Artist: We are looking to collaborate with skilled and energetic artist who is fired up by the prospect of working with primary school students creating visually arresting costumes that tell the story of Birmingham and the school over the last 90 years. This costume element will mesh with dance, music and poetry delivered by other artists to create a fantastic celebratory event for the school on its Birthday in July. The application form can be downloaded here along with an .

Film Maker / Video Artist: We are looking for an artist who can rise to the challenge of working in partnership with one of our other associates and lots of GCSE students and creating a fun revision video that nails all the students need to remember about tectonic plates, volcanoes and their effects on communities. You will need to be fast, flexible and able to create high quality video in a collaborative context. The application form can be downloaded here along with an

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Creative Learning Recruitment


We are recruiting one or two part time freelance Creative Learning Associate/s to lead an after school Drama Club and work as an Assistant Director on a new school production.

We require an enthusiastic and imaginative person to lead a new after-school Drama Club which will take place twice a week in two different secondary schools within the Ward End area of East Birmingham. The clubs will culminate in the staging of three productions.

Following a production of The Tempest last year we are also staging a large-scale adapted version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at one of the schools and so are also seeking an Assistant Director to work with the Artistic and Associate Director to deliver this exciting and ambitious project.

The posts could be offered to the same person, or to two different individuals.
The after-school Drama Club begins the w/c 27th February 2017 and ends at Easter 2018. Rehearsals for A Midsummer Night’s Dream will run from mid- June to mid-July.

Please click here for further details of the posts and how to apply. As part of your application please also complete our Equal Opportunities monitoring form.

Should you have any further questions please contact our Creative Learning Producer Lucy Nicholls lucy@stanscafe.co.uk. Applications close on Tuesday 31st January.

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: Searching for: General Manager


We’re recruiting!

We are on the hunt for a General Manager to become part of the Stan’s Cafe team as we move into an exciting period of developing new projects and sharing our existing ones more widely. The General Manager is at the heart of the company, managing projects on the ground and running all the systems that make sure everything runs like clockwork. We’re looking for someone friendly, resourceful and keen to get stuck in.

Please click here for the job description. Applications close at midday on Thursday 1 December and first round interviews will be held on Thursday 8 December. To apply, please submit a CV and cover letter explaining your suitability for the role to admin@stanscafe.co.uk. Please contact Roisin Caffrey, Executive Producer, if you would like to have an informal, confidential chat about the role: roisin@stanscafe.co.uk. Please also complete our Equal Opportunities monitoring form.

Stan's Cafe Theatre Company: The Gift Sessions (are back).


In case you hadn’t noticed, this is Stan’s Cafe’s 25th Anniversary year. We wanted to share the joy by giving away some Birthday Presents, so we are reviving The Gift Sessions; last seen in 1997, these free workshops are open to fellow theatre makers in the locality.

The Gift Sessions will be held on the third Monday of every month. They are an opportunity for exploring theatre ideas, they are not consciously R&D towards a new show and they are not auditions. They will mostly be led by James Yarker, our artistic director and should be fun but occasionally they may not be.

We hope a mix of theatre makers will be interested in attending, ranging from those who have recently left formal education, through to experienced professionals. If you would like to come to one or all of The Gift Sessions please register your interest at Eventbrite for the 19th September edition or for the 17th October version.

If you are unable to attend a full session but want to be part of the buzz please come along at 21:30 as the bar @ A E Harris will be open for reflection and socialisation.